About the artist
Fascinated by realistic art at an early age, my dreams were always to create art.   

Many years later, I was fortunate to find someone to show me the ropes painting in the
Classical Academic manner.  I began painting in the early 90's, oil was what I loved.  

A few years ago, a number of high quality trompe l'oeil exhibits got me interested in that type of
art.  It was a perfect marriage of my desire to paint realistically and incorporate subject matter I
liked.   Detail is what gets me excited about painting, and now I had a great reason to do it!  
There's nothing more detailed than money and it's a lot of fun to put some in a painting.  
Getting details on money and surfaces just right is painstaking and takes many hours, but the
end result is very satisfying.

I love collecting old funky things, some of them remind me of my youth; things we don't see in
use any longer - now these make a way into paintings!   Sometimes, I want my work to evoke a
memory, sometimes, I want it to be amusing.  Then, I might be painting some food - again, the
textures are fascinating!   No matter, as long as I'm painting, I'm happy.

Georgina Love